Ian Adam Naval 7e907bcb33 Fix Rofi colors 5 months ago
X11 Fix Rofi colors 5 months ago
arch Partially update arch package list 3 years ago
awesome/awesome.configdir Adds 'Close' menu option to tasks list. 4 years ago
bin Add email configuration 3 years ago
bspwm/bspwm.configdir Fix % in bspwm bar 4 years ago
dwb/dwb.configdir Replace lpass with pass 3 years ago
emacs Add emacs config 3 years ago
git Make mergetool meld 4 years ago
gtk/gtk-3.0.configdir Add GTK config 3 years ago
i3 Merge branch 'master' into ranger 3 years ago
mutt Fix junk e-mail 3 years ago
qtile/qtile.configdir Add qtile config 3 years ago
rofi/rofi.configdir Fix Rofi colors 5 months ago
ssh/ssh.dotfile Remove old WPI hosts 5 months ago
stylish Add dwbify Stylish theme for Firefox 3 years ago
sxhkd/sxhkd.configdir Add more shortcuts to sxhkd 4 years ago
teiler/teiler.configdir Update teiler config 3 years ago
terminator/terminator.configdir Fix terminator colors 4 years ago
tmux Add ability to resize tmux in tty 4 years ago
vim Improve C for vim 3 years ago
vimperator Fix background color on some message types 3 years ago
zprezto Update prezto 3 years ago
.gitignore Removes vim history file from gitignore. 4 years ago
.gitmodules Add ctrl+p and nerdtree to dotfiles. 4 years ago
LICENSE Initial commit. 4 years ago
README.md Initial commit. 4 years ago
install-dotfiles.sh Add zprezto as a submodule. 4 years ago


Ian’s Dotfiles

Nothing to see here; just my dotfiles.