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An augmented Unix userland. Makes your core utility functions a bit cooler by adding a --json flag that makes everything output in nice, serialized JSON.


  • You have the following binaries (usually found in your distro’s coreutils packages)
    • /usr/bin/ps
    • /usr/bin/free
  • You have Go installed

We’re working on making it so that they don’t have to be in those directories.


  • git clone this directory
  • If you didn’t clone into your GOPATH, symlink the clone directory into $GOPATH/src


  • $ go install jsh/ps
  • $ $GOPATH/bin/ps

You may want to prepend your path with $GOPATH/bin:

export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$PATH


  • $ go install jsh/free
  • $ $GOPATH/bin/free